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Here’s your first look at the 2018 MLB All-Star Game logo

Surprise, it’s a Washington, D.C. landmark.


If you feel like the 2017 All-Star game just ended and it’s too soon to be announcing details for 2018’s installment in Washington, D.C., you’re probably right. We just did this, and it involved a lot of fun home runs and a less fun game, and now we’re focused on the regular season again where trades are happening and the playoffs are coming.

Yet, baseball never takes a break. It’s like the cycle of seasons, or the insufferableness of Boston fans.

So therefore, we are getting a look at the 2018 logo for next year’s mid-season break only a few weeks after this year’s celebration of baseball ended.

And ... it’s fine.

Look, Washington, D.C only leaves so much to work with when it comes to logos and other such celebratory mock-ups.

You have to use red, white, and blue of course. Because otherwise why are you even holding it in the nation’s capitol. On top of that, some sort of D.C. landmark is bound to be incorporated just because it’s easy.

Which usually narrows down to either the Washington Monument or the U.S. Capitol Building, because not enough people know what the Jefferson Memorial or the Smithsonian look like off the top of their heads.

Hence, a red, white, and blue logo that has the Capitol building front and center and a bunch of stars worked in because why not.

It’s decent, not controversial in the least, and only slightly creative. It’s actually a pretty good match for the All-Star Game, when you think about it.