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Nick Young is cool with dolphins again

The Warriors guard swam with a dolphin after being attacked by one.

I gave these dolphins another chance we cool now

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Nick Young joined the Warriors this offseason, but he arguably got a bigger W on Wednesday when he stepped into a pool.

He swam with a dolphin. Again.

Nick Young has done this before but the last time this happened, the event scarred Swaggy P so much that he developed a fear for the aquatic mammals. We first found out in 2015 when Iggy Azalea, Young’s girlfriend at the time, tweeted about the incident. Young also talked about it in an interview:

“Dolphin tried to kill me. Like, he was playing with everyone else, doing what dolphins do (dolphin noises) ... it was my turn to ride the dolphin, and for some reason he took me all the way to the bottom so um, he was trying to drown me.”

But Young gave it another shot! He posted two photos on Instagram to confirm that he and dolphins are cool now. We can only assume that this dolphin did not try to pull him all the way down in the pool.

But really, dolphins may look cute but that’s because they’re not staring directly at you. Even the friendliest dolphin can be the most intimidating creature you’ve laid your eyes upon when it opens its mouth to expose rows of equally sharp and almost endless teeth.

Congrats on overcoming your fear, Swaggy P!