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The Rays will continue Curtis Granderson's 'We Follow Lucas Duda' tradition

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For two years, the MetsCurtis Granderson had been running an Instagram account called “wefollowlucasduda.” As the name suggests, Granderson puts up posts where he follows Lucas Duda, whether he’s in the locker room, on TV, or in a throwback photo. On July 27, the Mets traded Duda to the Rays, which subsequently put Granderson’s Duda fan account in jeopardy of being obsolete.

The last thing “wefollowlucasduda” posted before Duda left was a video of Granderson clutching his teammate’s ankle so he couldn’t leave.

Don't Go Lucas!!!!! Gonna miss you buddy!!!

A post shared by Lucas Duda (@wefollowlucasduda) on

The Rays took notice of the Instagram account, and tweeted an invitation to Granderson to presumably negotiate new ownership of the account.

Granderson acknowledged it, and put a call out to Mets fans on what they should get in return for the “wefollowlucasduda” password:

And while negotiations went on, Sergio Romo — who was also traded to the Rays recently — posted what was essentially his audition video for taking the reins on Granderson’s account. He’s ready to mess around with him on the regular.

@cgrand3 #wefollowlucasdudatoo #newteammate #blessed @raysbaseball @wefollowlucasduda

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On Sunday, Granderson announced that he will indeed let the Rays take over “wefollowlucasduda” in exchange for some demands:

The caption:

The time has come. We are closing in on the terms of our trade of @WeFollowLucasDuda to @raysbaseball. Deal includes a Sting Ray to be named later & a donation of #Rays tickets to a community group of Duda's choosing (hopefully our #GrandKids in the Tampa Bay Area in celebration of #GK10)! Undisclosed rights to remain in our (founders) possession - so @Mets fans, Duda can run to the Sunshine State, but he can't hide!

Naming a stingray and free Rays tickets for charity? That’s a sweet deal. Duda and Granderson had a sad (but also funny) farewell, but it ended on a happy note, and it was all because everyone rallied around the idea of keeping the tradition of messing with Lucas Duda on Instagram.