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NFL Network confuses everyone by predicting last year's Seahawks schedule

Things got bizarre Sunday afternoon when the NFL Network broke down the Seahawks season and projected the team’s wins and losses. There was just one problem: Heath Evans and Elliot Harrison were looking at 2016’s schedule, and Seattle punter Jon Ryan noticed:

Word soon spread and everyone was confused. How could the NFL’s own TV channel be so clueless as to host an entire segment looking at the wrong season? The Seahawks themselves wanted to chime in and make their prediction based on games that already happened.

Later in the afternoon, the NFL Network finally noticed its screw up and did its best to recover.

The reason NFL Network was showing last year’s preseason predictions is either better or worse, depending on how you look at it. Thankfully Evans, Harrison, and a studio full of network employees didn’t record a segment on the incorrect season. Instead the network aired year-old footage, something commenters on Deadspin noticed.

As several commenters pointed out, if you actually listen to what they're saying the video appears to have been recorded a year ago, making its appearance on NFL Network even more confusing—given that the programming is supposed to be "live."

So you can rest assured that you’re not paying for a premium cable channel as part of a sports package just to have them get the news wrong. You’re paying for a premium cable channel as part of a sports package to have them re-air old segments that are utterly irrelevant. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Hey NFL Network, maybe name your file something different than “SeahawksSeason.mp4” next time.