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Danielle Kang celebrated her LPGA victory by eating pho from the trophy


Pho out of the trophy... @daniellekang Pic credit @themichellewie

A post shared by Alex Kang (@alexkang1234) on

Danielle Kang won her first major on Sunday when she captured the KPMG Women's PGA Championship after she birdied the final hole. A golfer’s first major victory will always be memorable, but Kang made it even more special with what she did with the trophy.

She served herself up some pho and ate from the dang trophy. This is taking Stanley Cup celebrations to the next level. Sure, eating cereal from the Cup is cool, but you’re really just throwing cereal in a bowl and then dumping milk in it.

You need way more than two ingredients to prepare pho, and you need a lot more time too. That’s just too easy now that Kang has changed the trophy game.

Here’s to more excellence from Kang in her career. Hopefully, she’ll have some more pho from her future victories too.