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LeBron James beatboxing with his daughter on IG is the best thing you’ll see today

Go Zhuri!

LeBron James enjoyed the Fourth of July with his family. Since his free agency doesn’t come up until next year, he was seemingly pretty unbothered by all the NBA activity.

James posted this video on his Instagram story of him sitting at a table with his wife, Savannah, and daughter, Zhuri.

LeBron is actually a pretty good beatboxer! And Zhuri, well... she’s getting there. “SSSSS” is a good start.

Zhuri is LeBron and Savannah’s youngest, after LeBron Jr. and Bryce. We recently got another look into the James family home when LeBron shared a video of Bryce’s amazing sports-themed birthday party.

The video also featured James annihilating a bunch of kids in basketball and a water balloon fight. Right now he might be better than his kids at everything, but one of these days Zhuri will drop some sick beats and Bryce will dunk on him.