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Braves broadcasting crew pokes fun at Nationals’ drizzle delay with umbrellas in 88-degree weather

When it drizzles, it pours for the Nats.

The Washington Nationals invented a drizzle delay on Thursday when they held back their game against the Atlanta Braves for just a little bit of rain. That drizzle pushed the game back three hours and fans were not happy. Some left, but for those that stuck around, the team offered free ice cream, soda, and water as a consolation instead of refunds.

The Braves won that late game 5-2, but Atlanta wasn’t done adding insult to injury. The next game, the Braves’ broadcasting crew added a few props to their pregame show — an umbrella, some water, and what looks like confetti — to really show how grueling D.C. weather can be. It was actually in the high 80s while they were filming, but TV magic is undefeated.

At least the Nationals staff didn’t see the light waterworks above the umbrella-equipped crew. They might have delayed Friday’s game too.