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Jon Lester gave up 10 runs in a brutal first inning vs. the Pirates

Lester gave up 7 runs in September 2016.


The Cubs are bad. We’re speaking generally here, but they were particularly bad on Sunday against the Pirates. This is what the score looked like before the bottom of the first inning:


How did we get here? Let’s recap Jon Lester’s terrible start by looking at how the Pirates scored:


It’s 5-0 now. Let Francisco Cervelli show you his grand slam:

9-0. Oh wait, we’re not done. Andrew McCutchen wanted to twist the knife a bit more.

And that was when Lester was replaced by Mike Montgomery. Ten runs down in the first inning. This was Lester’s line during the game:

If it’s any solace to Cubs fans, at least the All-Star break is coming? Nah, that doesn’t help.