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We added avocados to 7 iconic sports moments so millennials would appreciate sports for once in their miserable lives

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Learn to appreciate history, snowflakes — or are your participation trophies blocking the screen?

This week Time Magazine revealed that millennials are in love with the phrase “hold my avocado.” It’s their new catch phrase they use to show off. Avocados have been around for decades, but it’s proof that these freeloading millennials won’t care about anything unless there’s avocado on it. Let’s make them care about sports.

“The shot,” with an avocado.

“Between the legs,” with an avocado.

Nick Young celebrates, with an avocado.

David Tyree’s helmet catch, with an avocado.

Manu’s block, with an avocado.

“The catch,” with an avocado.

“The catch,” with an avocado.

Put that on your toast and eat it — stupid millennials.

Disclaimer: This post was written by three millennials.