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Seattle Seahawks’ sexy dance moves are already in midseason form

The Seahawks are bringing sexy back

It’s the first preseason game of 2017 for the Seattle Seahawks, and their sexy dance is already in midseason form:

No. 98 defensive tackle, Garrison Smith, is seen showing off the dance moves here. This was after a pick-six and as you can expect, when a defensive player gets the opportunity to show off his moves, he’s gonna do it.

If you haven’t been keeping up, the Seattle Seahawks are the kings of sexy dance:


The only thing that comes close is Denver’s Von Miller. But he is only one man:

Von Lions gif

The Seahawks have it down to a science — so much so that Michael Bennett has determined exactly how many thrusts will get you a fine vs. how many thrusts will get you a baby. And we respect that.

With the NFL easing up on its punishment for celebration, there is no doubt that the Seahawks are fully prepared to take advantage of this and continue their dominance of sexy dancing celebrations.