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Marcus Mariota was the last guy to leave the tunnel because he took time to hug fans

This was so cool.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota went the extra mile on Saturday night when some fans were waiting for the Titans in the tunnel as they took the field:

Nobody can fault the rest of the Titans for giving a handshake and heading to the field, but Mariota made sure the fans felt extra special. He offered up hugs, talked to the family, and even posted for a photo before playing in his first preseason game.

Mariota is poised for a breakout season this year. He’s quietly been one of the best and most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, and this year there’s more attention — a spotlight that could finally put him among the NFL elites. But regardless of the stats or how the Titans end up this season, he’s proved himself to be an awesome guy.