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Jaguars fan wears custom Colin Kaepernick jersey to remind Jacksonville there are better QB options

Your move, Jacksonville.

Jaguars fans know their team, which is why they’re looking for better options early in the preseason. It’s Week 2 and nothing is going right. Blake Bortles has been so underwhelming even in practice, that wide receiver Allen Robinson was heard saying, “Fucking keep the shit in bounds, bro. Goddamn.”

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is still without a team. But one Jacksonville fan knows that there are options at quarterback besides Blake Bortles or Chad Henne, so he wore a custom Kaepernick jersey to the game. Not only is this a good jersey to wear, but taking it to a game is a nice reminder to every Jags fan out there that their QB situation doesn’t have to stay the way it is.

The Jaguars are bad, and there’s no excuse for Colin Kaepernick to be unemployed. Jacksonville should seriously consider this.