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Eli Manning looked like he was at a middle school dance in the locker room

Almost dancing with the stars.

Look — I’m not a good dancer. I’ll admit it. It’s tough to catch the rhythm, and sometimes you just look dumb.

But never again will I feel bad about my dancing after watching Eli Manning’s little half-dance thing in the locker room:

What...what is that? It kinda looks like he’s stepping over the world’s smallest jumprope or something. He just kinda... walks in place and luckily catches the beat a few times.

Things Eli Manning dances like:

  • A kid at a middle school dance
  • A member of a marching band
  • C3PO from Star Wars
  • A member of the Manning family
  • one of those wind-up toys, but a broken one

But hey, at least he’s having fun! Who cares if you’re a good dancer, as long as you’re enjoying it.

That said...I’m not sure I see a season of Dancing with the Stars in Eli’s future.