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MLB players are hanging out at the Little League World Series and it's incredibly cool

Do this again next year!

The Cardinals and Pirates are playing each other on Sunday, but it won’t be an ordinary game — they’re both playing in Williamsport, Pennsylvania as part of the Little League Classic. And it’s fitting that both teams were chosen, because players Randal Grichuk, Lance Lynn, and Andrew McCutchen and managers Mike Matheny and Clint Hurdle participated in the Little League World Series many years ago.

It’s a really cool collaboration between Little League and MLB that means so much to the kids who are in the Little League World Series. Some kids got to ride buses with the pros, some got to take selfies, some got awesome autographs, and at least one kid got to wear a World Series ring:

They even bonded over music during the bus rides:

Here are McCutchen and Matheny watching a game, and probably reminiscing on their days in Little League:

And here’s a few Little League players getting free snow cones thanks to Tommy Pham:

One player named Christian summed it all up during an interview with ESPN:

“It's like a dream. I never thought we'd play in front of Andrew McCutchen ... it's really special.”

This was a great idea, and it’s clear that all the kids are excited to be surrounded by the pros like they’re older siblings. Hopefully, Little League and MLB do this again in years to come.