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Tommy Pham wears custom cleats designed by 2 kids battling cancer during MLB Little League Classic

Major League Baseball and the Little League have been somewhat intertwined this weekend, and it concluded Sunday night with the MLB Little League Classic. It’s been all about helping kids. One of the more notable and absolutely coolest thing from the game came from the St. Louis Cardinals Tommy Pham:

Pham asked Lamarion and Chloe — two kids being treated for cancer at St. Louis Children’s Hospital — to decorate the cleats he would wear in Sunday night’s game:

These shoes weren’t something he just wore during warm-ups or anything. He actually wore them throughout the entire game. How cool is that? I can’t imagine being a kid seeing something like that on my television. I would’ve lost it.

It couldn’t have come for two more deserving kids either. Cancer is brutal, and it’s something a kid should ever have to endure. By doing this for Lamarion and Chloe and by putting a huge smile on their faces, Pham has earned my eternal respect.