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Solar eclipse 2017: The best and worst eclipse tweets from sports teams

There’s an eclipse today. Maybe you heard. I know it’s tough to find out information about the moon crossing over the sun, but it’s out there. Sports teams around the country are trying to have eclipse-related fun. Now we must rank their efforts.

KC Wolf’s “Totality Cool”

I don’t get it. I don’t care that I don’t get it. The Chiefs’ mascot has made something wonderful.

76ers’ “Embiid blocks out the sun.”

Just a solid effort from one of the best social media teams out there.

Columbia Fireflies’ “Tattoo re-creation”

This is the only time tattoos of the sun and moon become useful education aids.

The Eagles made a good pun.

Wizards’ “John Wall is holding the sun.”

This is not great. That said, it’s better than ...

Thunder promote safety:


Louisville wants to be part of the fun:

Louisville should feel bad about this one. It’s just way too obvious an attempt to get its name in with the hashtag using an 11-year-old football game. It’s OK though because the Cardinals aren’t the worst in this list, or even the worst in college sports. That honor belongs to ...

Western Carolina’s middle school project:

This is so bad. I kind of love it because it’s so bad.

Then the Browns did this.

So bad. So, so, so, so, so bad.