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John Cena brought to tears by fans who thanked him for changing their lives

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John Cena’s WWE career has been about more than winning championships and becoming an international superstar. He’s also dedicated over a year to service and improving the lives of children — that came full circle in a new video:

Cricket Wireless gave Cena letters from his fans, who all credited his message of perseverance as a turning point in their lives. From fans suffering physical injury to coping with mental illness — every letter writer thanked the WWE superstar for changing their lives.

Then came one final message, from a young boy named Tyler, who thanked Cena for giving his family a mantra of “Never Give Up” while his mom underwent treatment for breast cancer. It was at this point Cena broke down:

What the superstar didn’t know is that everyone who wrote him a letter was waiting to surprise him and thank him in person. It was a truly amazing moment.