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This soccer goalie forgot there was a guy behind him and gave up the easiest goal

Watch this goalkeeper in Scotland the next time you have a bad day at work and feel worthless:

Ross County goalkeeper Scott Fox had one of the worst brain farts you can imagine over the weekend when he thought he evaded the Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos, who slid in to challenge him.

The amazing part of this is how Fox’s brain just shut off. As soon as Morelos slid past him, it was as if he disappeared off the plane of existence. Perhaps he trusted his peripheral vision too much or thought Morelos was much farther away than he was — but the end result was the same. Within seconds, the Rangers’ striker was back on his feet, taking the ball away and scoring one of the easiest goals of his career.

Poor Fox knew it wasn’t even worth trying to contest it. He just collapsed in a heap:

What a moment.