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Cody Bellinger took a pop culture quiz and thought Steve Urkel was called 'Squirts'

WARNING: This will make you feel very old.

Cody Bellinger knows a lot about baseball and next-to-nothing about the world outside it. We learned this the incredible way when he went on ESPN to take a pop culture quiz.

The quiz comes on the heels of an appearance on SportsCenter where our sweet, beautiful baseball boy was unable to tell Scott Van Pelt who Jerry Seinfeld was. To be fair to Bellinger, he was born in 1995 and the show finished when he was three. Still, it’s Jerry-freakin-Seinfeld.

The first question was Fresh Prince of Bel Air-era Will Smith, which he nailed. Then there was a teen photo of Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears. Bellinger almost stumbled on JT, but recovered and was 2-for-2.

Then things went off the rails.

Ah yes, beloved television character “Squirts.” You know, Squirts? He was in the hit sitcom Lineage Consequences.

If Bellinger didn’t get Steve Urkel there was no way he was going to know the cast of Saved By the Bell, but Olney tried anyway.

Here is a full transcript of this exchange, because it was wonderful.

Full House.”

“Not Full House?”

“Try again.”



“Not Friends.”

[points at Mario Lopez] “John Stamos.”

“Nope. Saved By the Bell.


Oh, Cody. Sweet, sweet Cody. We’re so very glad you are a very good baseball boy and not a pop culture expert.