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Braves' Freddie Freeman demonstrated the CORRECT way to inhale sunflower seeds

Real seed heads know.

Freddie Freeman is batting .316 this season — but as far as I’m concerned, he’s batting 1.000 in the sunflower seed department. Just look at this technique he used before Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers:

Amazing. Finally, someone is bringing the danger back to eating sunflower seeds. It’s become so safe and boring these days — eating one seed at a time has become the norm, and honestly it’s terrible. What happened to the good ol’ days when eating sunflower seeds was a risky act that could lead to choking but looked so badass no one cared — the days when the only REAL way to eat sunflower seeds was by pouring them all into your mouth at once.

Sure, about half the seeds Freeman poured into his mouth ended up on the dugout floor, but that’s not the point! I’m not going to criticize someone for swinging and missing twice if the third time is a grand slam ... and that’s what this is: a grand slam of everyone’s favorite sideline snack.

And let’s not forget that immediately after doing this HE RAN ONTO THE FIELD:

Yes, those are seeds literally spraying from his mouth. How was he planning on spitting out all those shells and eating the seeds while playing baseball? Maybe he hoped they would last the whole game.

Either way, this is the new official way you MUST eat sunflower seeds if you’re gonna be a pro baseball player. And even if you’re not ... you have to admit Freddie Freeman is the sunflower-seed-eating champ of Major League Baseball.