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'NBA 2K18's' graphics are so good that '2K17' looks like trash

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Whoa, look at 2K Gordon Hayward!

NBA 2K17 is a great video game with excellent graphics, but these pictures will make you think otherwise. The next installment in the series, NBA 2K18, is making its predecessor’s graphics look baaaad. How is that even possible?

Just look at Gordon Hayward year over year:

The difference in muscle tone and the sweat running down his arm are the first things to catch the eye. It just looks so much more realistic. 2K Hayward has clearly been doing a LOT of lifting in the offseason.

Hayward’s facial hair is more filled out and detailed, and the hair flip looks like actual hair too. This is an incredible transformation! Even more so because we all thought 2K17’s graphics were elite when it came out a few months ago. (Also, peep the finger tattoo.) This game will have every last detail.

Here are more examples:

John Wall:

D’Angelo Russell:

Nick Young:

Dwight Howard:

Damian Lillard:

Fans on Twitter noticed the difference too!

We have some time to wait for the game to actually come out on Sept. 19, but we do know some things about NBA 2K18.

The cover athlete in America is Kyrie Irving (they might have to change up the jersey he’s wearing), and DeMar DeRozan is on the Canadian cover. Damian Lillard is going to have two of his rap songs in the game.

We also know some of the players’ ratings. The top two picks in the draft, Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz, are both rated 80 overall. Irving is a 90 overall, DeRozan, an 89, Karl-Anthony Towns, 90, Joel Embiid, 86, Devin Booker, 86, Kevin Durant, 96, Steph Curry, 94, Dwight Howard, 81 and Nick Young is a 74.