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New Orleans company is trying to put a '28-3' billboard outside the Falcons' new stadium

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A New Orleans-based T-shirt company is looking to create a stir in Atlanta with a new billboard it’s trying to get erected right next to the Falcons’ new stadium:

At this point we don’t really need to explain the significance. That’s the score of the Super Bowl late in the third quarter, right before the Falcons’ collapse began. The company is accepting donations from the public to try and bring the billboard to life outside Mercedes Benz Stadium and said the following in the its blog post:

In New Orleans we take history seriously. So it goes without asking that we made note of the historic loss in last year's Super Bowl. So to commemorate that moment we would like to put up a billboard in Atlanta. Is it an epic act of trolling? Maybe. Is it hilarious? You bet.

Call this a little extra ammunition for the Falcons this year when they face the Saints. I’m sure the players are aware of this campaign, and if they’re not, then they might see the new billboard at work.

h/t Atlanta Journal Constitution