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Rams tickets were $6 and still nobody turned up to see them play in Los Angeles

A picture of the Rams' empty stadium is worth a thousand words.

Los Angeles getting an NFL team has been a dream for years. On Sunday we saw that realized with the Rams hosting the Colts at L.A. Memorial Coliseum and, well ...

Empty seat photos are nothing new. Normally they’re the product of an opportunistic photographer snapping an early shot while fans are filing in, or taking a pic in between quarters while people are in line at concessions or the bathroom. However, this is in the first quarter. The game has started. Snaps have been taken. There are players on the field.


Critics of Los Angeles getting the NFL back said that the dream of football in Southern California would be more idyllic than the reality, and Week 1 seems to bear that out. Perhaps the justification is ticket price. Maybe fans don’t want to fork over premium prices to see the Rams play, let alone the Rams playing a Colts team without Andrew Luck.

Surely that would explain the photo, right? Wrong.

The average price of a movie in L.A. is $8.17, on last check. It was cheaper to see an NFL game in person than catch the matinee of IT and still nobody went. There’s nothing more to say.

Maybe the Raiders making a break for Las Vegas will be the real geniuses of all this.