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Sergio Dipp was the best part of the ‘Monday Night Football’ broadcast

More Dipp, please.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football has a new look. For one, former Bills and Jets head coach Rex Ryan is in the booth. Beth Mowins, the first woman to call play-by-play in an NFL game in 30 years, is also in the booth. But among these changes, the early star of this new squad has to be Sergio Dipp.

Early in the broadcast, cameras cut to Dipp on the sidelines as he talked about Vance Joseph. But it was different from most sideline reports. Dipp was a little nervous.

Sure, he might have sounded a little like Vincent Adultman from BoJack Horseman while he was attempting to explain how the Denver Broncos were trying to do a business, but that’s probably just jitters from being on national television for the first MNF of the season.

Dipp has worked with ESPN since 2013. Most of his experience has been with ESPN Deportes. Don’t let the lone clip fool you. Dipp is great on the camera. Just take a look at how confident he is when he’s wishing all the NFL teams good luck, especially his New England Patriots:

He’s such a big Patriots fan that he bet his hair on the Super Bowl against Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. The Pats won, so Chicharito had to shave his head.

Soon after he appeared on Monday Night Football, Dipp went on Twitter and noticed that people were talking about his segment.

We hope to see you on the sidelines throughout the season. We need more Sergio Dipp.