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Jaguars fan belly flops into kiddie pool full of mayonnaise during tailgate

Oh ... my ... God.

Jaguars fans are high on life after opening the season 1-0, which means this is happening.

Yes, that is precisely what you think it is. A grown man belly flopping into a kiddie pool filled with mayonnaise outside EverBank Field, where the Jags will play the Titans today.

This is a figurative and literal nightmare. Every crevice of his body is packed full of emulsified egg food lube, and the crowd is LOVING every second of it. We don’t know if this fan has tickets to the game on Sunday, but if he does we’re just praying he has a way of getting hosed off first. Baking in mayo all day long in the Jacksonville sun sounds like a layer of hell Dante never made it to.

What’s more? There was even a wedding proposal at the belly flop contest.

His “mayo princess.” That’s about as romantic as it gets, folks.

If this is what happens when the Jags are 1-0 things are going to keep getting scarier until they lose a game. We’re all for it. You do you, Jags fans.

Update: We learned about how this got started from Alfie Crow, managing editor of SB Nation’s Jaguars blog Big Cat Country.

There’s been an ongoing joke among Jaguars fans that Titans fans eat mayonnaise straight from the jar. This has evolved, morphed and taken on a life of its own. So it wasn’t random, it was calculated — as calculated as diving into a pool of mayo can be.