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Here's what Marshawn Lynch's dance party looked like from the stadium DJ booth

This is the best.

Marshawn Lynch being in Oakland is a good thing for everyone, and on Sunday he showed the world the breadth of his joy by dancing on the sideline. Now a new video from inside the stadium pinpoints the moment he got hyped.

The dancing happened just as Keak Da Sneak’s “Super Hyphy” and “Oakland,” featuring Vell and DJ Mustard came on during the Raiders’ home debut. The Jets were unhappy, but there’s not much that can bring them joy — the rest of us can just appreciate Marshawn being Marshawn.

It’s so unfair we only get one season of this. In a perfect world, Lynch buys the team, keeps them in Oakland and we get this atmosphere forever. It’s what the NFL needs. Lord knows relocation hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly so far.