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45 men dressed like ‘Magnum P.I.’ got booted from a Tigers game for being jerks

Come get your mans, Higgins.

A giant bachelor party in Detroit was broken up over the weekend when 45 men, all dressed like Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. were kicked out of Tigers vs. White Sox on Saturday.

The booing crowd of Hawaiian shirt-clad men were part of a single group for a party — which makes this even more confusing. Who has 45 friends? Let alone 45 friends you know well enough to invite to a bachelor party, but that’s aside from the point.

The group were asked to leave because a member of the party was smoking, while other Magnums were catcalling at women, according to WXYZ News. Trying to isolate the problematic members of the part turned into a real “I’m Spartacus!” moment.

Chris Tuccini, the groom's younger brother, said to the The Times Herald the group was told they were ejected because one of them was smoking and they were catcalling.

"I don't know how that made us all guilty," he said.

How you can have 45 Magnums and not a single Higgins is beyond us. Really a missed opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be Higgins?