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Ravens tweeted and deleted a photo of Queen Elizabeth with Ravens facepaint

Oh no Ravens what is you doing?

The Baltimore Ravens are excited for their upcoming trip to London. But maybe they’re a little too excited. To get fans pumped for their game abroad against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they tweeted a photo of Queen Elizabeth, which would have been fine were it not for the Ravens logo on her face.

The Ravens eventually deleted the tweet, but Twitter managed to have some fun with it while the post was up. The image wasn’t a photoshop. It’s actually one of various filters from the Ravens’ own app. You can select a standard purple and black face paint or you can get the Ravens’ logo, just like the team used on Queen Elizabeth.

Everyone has bad tweets. It happens to the best of us. All you can do is laugh, but not many bad tweets become a meme. If you wake up early and check social media before the incredibly early morning game, chance are you’re gonna see a Queen Elizabeth meme or two.

If there’s one thing that might happen as a result of this Queen Elizabeth photoshop, it’s that fans in London might root for the Jaguars more just because they didn’t tweet. So congrats on the cheers, Jags.