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NYC's great 'College GameDay' signs prove the city has college football fans

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

This week, College GameDay is hanging out in New York City, which, by college football standards, is unusual. Unusual because the show usually plants itself near a big game of the night, and NYC doesn’t have any this week. That doesn’t mean NYC isn’t full of college football fans, because it definitely is, if you ask the right people and look in the right places. It turns out a lot of them stopped by the GameDay set to celebrate the sport they love.

Have to start off with our regularly scheduled Bama hate:

Roll Tide:

NYC has at least one college football bragging right:

According to this person, ESPN confiscated their Ted Cruz sign:

Before ESPN confiscated my sign... #GameDay

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The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is alive and well in NYC:

#collegegameday #collegegamedaysigns

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Oh, Rutgers:

Up top, you have your Wazzu flag, and below it, you have your Jimmy Fallon sign:

Richard Johnson / SB Nation

Will the real USC please stand up?


He’s inverting the horns!

Richard Johnson / SB Nation


Plot twist!

Well, now I’m imagining Lee Corso hosting TRL instead of Carson Daly, and I want it to happen so badly:

Go get ‘em, SUNY Maritime:

Richard Johnson, SB Nation


This fan didn’t throw away his (pause) shot:

Neither did this fan:

Of course there’s a sign about Kevin Durant’s social media mess:

Not a bad idea, my friend:

And finally...