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LeSean McCoy continued to warm up during the national anthem

McCoy stretched during the anthem, two days after Donald Trump’s comments.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NFL players around the league protested during the national anthem on Sunday, a response to critical comments President Donald Trump made about the league during a rally on Friday night. The Steelers stayed in the locker room save for Alejandro Villanueva, other teams had players who took a knee, and Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy took the time during the national anthem to continue his warm up.

McCoy continued to run in place and stretch while others stood or kneeled.

McCoy previously has been critical of Colin Kaepernick, who sparked the protests in the NFL when he took a knee during the national anthem to bring attention to systematic discrimination against black Americans by the police. In August, McCoy told Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News that teams would be hesitant to sign the former 49ers quarterback:

“There’s certain players that could be on the team with big distractions, and there’s other players that it’s not good enough or not worth it. I think his situation is not good enough to have him on the team with all the attention that comes along with it."

But President Donald Trump’s remarks on Friday seem to have motivated McCoy to become involved in the league-wide protests happening on Sunday. The day after his statements, McCoy went on Twitter and made it clear what he thought of Trump calling out players who protested as “that son of a bitch,” and urging team owners to fire them.

After the game, McCoy was asked what he would say to Donald Trump, given the opportunity.

“My message to him is, be a president. Be respectful,” McCoy said. “Us Americans, we’re together. Stop trying to divide us.

“That’s the biggest thing, man, and it showed today from guys taking knees, from guys touching shoulders show him that we’re all in this together.”