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Why the Lions lost to the Falcons because of a 10-second runoff

This was so unfair.

The Lions were on the wrong side of a heaping helping of heartache on Sunday afternoon when their game-winning touchdown against the Falcons was overturned on review, and then they got robbed of a chance to win.

Initially declared a touchdown, Golden Tate’s reception was overturned on review when officials ruled his knee touched down before the ball crossed the plane. It was incredibly close, but the correct call.

However, Lions fans have a right to be mad. When this happened, there were eight seconds left — but the play went to review, which requires a 10-second runoff from the clock. This ended the game. Had the call on the field been correct and Tate ruled down, then the Lions would have had a chance to line up and try once more. Instead they never had a chance to try.

Football can be so unfair.