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Warning: Your brain may not handle Michael Beasley's thoughts on brain power

Whoa ...

Michael Beasley went on Timeout with Taylor Rooks to talk about his arrival in New York, his philosophy on life, and also how much of our brain we actually use.

The argument centers on how humans could have worked out we can only use 10 percent of our brain capacity. Beasley posits that only someone who achieved 11 percent brain function could tell everyone else that 10 percent was the ceiling. Logically it makes no sense. Even using 10 percent of your brain you can learn incredible things harnessing that 10 percent, especially when pooled with other researchers using their 10 percent on top.

Counterpoint: I’m not going to argue with a man who wears two wrist watches.

Sorry, three. He had one on his ankle.

I’m all for athletes being eccentric and pushing our belief of the status quo. Heck, maybe Beasley is right and someone did use 11 percent of their brain to work all this out. Probably not, but it’s possible and that’s the important part.