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A ‘Jeopardy!’ flub led to the Colorado Rockies finding a Marcus Allen on their payroll

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Does this mean that contestant gets partial credit?

Monday, Jeopardy! had a category called “NFL Teams By Hall of Famers” which went ... poorly ... for all of the contestants. Sometimes people on the show know sports, and sometimes they don’t. And that’s perfectly OK!

The most humorous moment, which is worth it to go watch if you haven’t seen it already, is when a contestant named Anupama got the answer “running back Marcus Allen” and guessed the not-an-NFL-team Colorado Rockies.

Since Anupama was already behind the other contestants and in the red, it’s fair to say she was getting a little desperate and felt she needed to offer up any question she could think of but, spoilers, “What is the Colorado Rockies?” was not correct.

In an unexpected twist though, the Colorado Rockies actually found someone who works for them named Marcus Allen. He’s not the Hall of Fame running back — although that would be a real shocker — but his name matches up!

While it’s too late to get Anupama partial credit for her guess, it’s an amazing coincidence that a Marcus Allen exists in the Rockies’ organization at all after Anupama pulled that guess out of thin air.

Even though she didn’t get the win, this coincidence should make her feel a little better about her blind stab at the answer!