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People think this California bank robber looks exactly like Klay Thompson

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The FBI is even getting tips that it’s Klay!

NBA players have a lot of activities they try to achieve in the off season. Maybe it’s working out, or seeing other sporting events — traveling the globe, or spending time with friends. The internet is convinced Klay Thompson is robbing banks.

On Monday ABC7 news in Los Angeles tweeted an image of an Orange County bank robber to try to identify the criminal.

Immediately people began crafting their theories that it was Warriors’ star Klay Thompson.

The tweet has received 70 tips since it was posted — 38 of them said it was Klay Thompson. The Los Angeles branch of the FBI is looking for tips as well.

Once again, people are telling the FBI it’s Klay.

It’s unclear if Klay has noticed people are pointing the finger at him. He hasn’t tweeted in over a month, and his Instagram page hasn’t been updated since Aug. 25, six days before the first robbery. How convenient ...

Just kidding. Obviously Klay didn’t rob a bank. He’s probably off staring into a toaster or something.