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Angry Tom Brady is the first meme of the NFL season

Tom doesn’t like to lose.

The Patriots lost to the Chiefs on Thursday night, and late in the fourth quarter Patriots fans knew they were going to take the L. There would be no comeback like the one they had in the Super Bowl against the Falcons, even though the Chiefs held the lead with 28 points.

The fans knew it:

This was supposed to be a celebratory game for them. The Patriots had never lost a home opener after a winning the Super Bowl, so why start now. Turns out they did, and it left some fans in Gillette Stadium (those who stuck around) frowning and just waiting for the game to be over.

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was not impressed with the Patriots performance either:

And then Tom Brady was just livid on the sidelines. This must be a wonderful feeling for Falcons fans, who probably felt the same way as Brady back in February:

Angry Brady instantly became a meme on Twitter. Here are just a few Angry Bradys:

Even Crying Jordan made a comeback!


We gotta pay homage to the original Tom Brady meme: the Tom Brady meme sketch:

The Patriots will probably be fine after starting the season 0-1. Who knows? This could be the motivation they needed to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. But for now, Twitter picked up the W.