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The Paul Pierce and Brandon Jennings beef has traveled to China

Four months later, and this beef won’t stop.

Paul Pierce’s beef with Brandon Jennings won’t end, as the Celtic great is on Instagram in China sarcastically looking for him. He’s asking chefs, the air around him — literally anyone or anything — if they’ve seen him:

Like seriously, he won’t stop!

The beef started in May, after Pierce was given his farewell tour ahead of retirement. Jennings tweeted (and then deleted) about why he thought it was ridiculous that Pierce was getting that type of send-off:

Jennings later changed his mind about Pierce:

Pierce never really forgave him. He insulted him again on The Jump after Jennings tweeted that he was hooping on West 4th Street. Pierce suggested he stay there:

Then he doubled down when he found out that Jennings left the NBA to play overseas:

The Pierce-Jennings beef is here to stay.