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Jalen Ramsey has had a Space Jam ‘Monstar’s secret stuff’ bottle in his locker all season

Does this make Ramsey an honorary Monstar?

Jalen Ramsey was just answering questions about the Jaguars’ upcoming playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and — wait a minute. What’s that in his locker?

It’s a bottle that says Monstar’s secret stuff! Kind of like in Space Jam!

Any Space Jam fan will probably tell you that the Monstars didn’t need or have secret stuff. After all, why would they after absorbing the basketball skills of the NBA’s best? It was Michael Jordan who had the bottle, so in the film it read “Michael’s secret stuff.” It’s what the Tune Squad needed for motivation and, eventually, the win (that and Jordan realizing he can be super elastic for the game-winning dunk).

But that bottle is no mistake. It’s actually part of a Space Jam Air Jordan XIs box, complete with a Blu-ray copy of the movie and a pair of shoes.

This isn’t anything new, though. Ramsey has had this bottle strategically placed in his locker throughout the regular season, as early as October.

This might explain why Ramsey and the Jaguars won their first playoff game for the first time in a decade, but also let’s be real: There’s no real concoction that we can give credit to. The Jaguars have been great all season.