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Vikings fans joined Case Keenum in a thunderous skol Vikings chant that’ll give you goosebumps


What an incredible finish to the Saints-Vikings game! As if dishing out the game-winning touchdown pass wasn’t enough, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum took the moment to bask in the comeback victory.

He got the crowd started with a celebratory skol Vikings chant. And from there, the fans at U.S. Bank Stadium joined him in unison. As soon as he clapped, the fans nearby clapped. Then once they clapped, more and more fans started clapping and chanting until the entire stadium joined in. Just like Keenum, you should also take a second and just get lost in the thunderous festivities.

The Vikings are heading to the NFC Championship game to face the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s hoping we get to see more skol Vikings celebrations like this one as Minnesota keeps its playoff hopes alive next week.