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Will Ferrell crashed Roger Federer’s Australian Open interview with some hard-hitting questions

“Are you a witch or a vampire?”

Roger Federer is used to being asked questions following a match, but he never expected this at the Australian Open.

John McEnroe was in the middle of a post-match interview with Federer when he told the Swiss superstar that a very special guest had a few questions. A confused Federer obliged, with Will Ferrell walking out onto the court with some pointed questions, all in his patented Ron Burgundy voice. Here’s a collection of the best exchanges:

Ferrell: “Would you describe your game as a silky gazelle?
Federer: “Maybe. Maybe not. A gazelle? Don’t they get eaten at the end?”
Ferrell: “Not if they’re fast enough.”

Ferrell: “You’re 36-years old. You seem ageless. Are you a witch or a vampire?”
Federer: “Uhh...”
McEnroe: “Which one’s better?”
Federer: “Yeah, exactly. I don’t like those.”
Ferrell: “Probably a vampire.”

The comedian signed off by saying “You stay classy, Melbourne” to a chorus of cheers from the Australian crowd. This isn’t the first time Ferrell has done this before. An avid tennis fan, Ferrell joined Andy Murray for an interview during the 2014 US Open.