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Eagles fan arrested for repeatedly punching police horse in the face

Don’t punch horses.

Eagles fan Taylor Hendricks has some serious charges to answer for after Philadelphia’s win on Saturday as local police claim the 22-year-old repeatedly punched a police horse in the face after getting ejected during the playoff win over the Falcons.

Hendricks is facing charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, and taunting a police horse after he was kicked out of the game for being intoxicated and not having a ticket. It was at this time he became violent, taking out his rage on the horse — and the officer riding it.

Thankfully the fine folks at FOX 29 in Philadelphia spoke to some Eagles fans to dispel the myth that Philly sports fans are OK with horse punching. They are absolutely not, and condemned pony pugilism in the strongest way.

Let it be known in the clearest possible way that horse punching is NOT OK in Philadelphia. ESPECIALLY when a cop is on the horse.

Eagles fans are still linked to throwing snowballs at Santa and being violent, and most of these claims are overblown and totally unfair. I don’t need to explain it, we’ll let this Eagles fan chime in:

You really can’t deny the logic here. There’s just a 1-in-65,000 chance that someone will punch a horse at an Eagles game. Those are the same odds as getting a Royal Flush in a game of Texas Hold’em. Have you ever gotten a Royal Flush in a game of Texas Hold’em? No? Cool ... then you can’t say Eagles fans punch horses regularly. Just one this year.

Thankfully both the horse and the officer and totally fine, so we’ll close with another message from an Eagles fan who wants to let the world know something important.

Don’t punch horses.