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Philadelphia is greasing up lamp posts with Crisco to stop Eagles fans from climbing them after the NFC Championship


Extreme times call for extreme measures, and the fine civic workers of Philadelphia are planning ahead no matter who wins the NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Eagles.

Sports fans climb lamp posts in celebration, they climb them in anger — making this just solid planning on the city’s part. Emotions are going to be high and Eagles fans have been waiting for another shot at the Super Bowl for a long time. Part of me hopes any would-be lamp post climber doesn’t hear about this, just in case they go after the game to scale one and we have Wile E. Coyote-esque scenes on the streets of Philly.

Shout out to the city workers who are up early on a Sunday in near-freezing conditions greasing lamp posts with commercial-sized vats of Crisco. Y’all the real MVPs.