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Eagles fan who ran into a pole while chasing a train says it happened because of ‘passion’


By now, you’ve probably already seen that Eagles fan who ran into a pole as he was running alongside a subway train. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you take a few seconds to watch as this jubilant Philadelphian tries to go one-on-one with with stationary object. It looks very painful but if it makes you feel better, he was in good spirits about it after.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Jigar Desai obviously didn’t mean to hurt himself, but it also seems like he doesn’t have any regrets about how it all went down. Being a fan manifests itself in odd ways at times, this being one of them.

“Yeah, I hit the pole, but the passion is there,” Desai said. “It reflects the passion of the entire city. We are good fans. Yeah, there are a couple of bad apples in the mix, in any city you’re going to find that, but I think as a whole we have supported this team for years and years and years. I think this city is ready to bring home the hardware.”

Desai also said, “I’m not throwing bottles or punching horses,” which some people were actually doing. Trying to hurt people or animals is cruel and mean spirited. At least Desai only hurt himself?

Eagles fans were rowdy as hell before and after the game. We’re definitely going to get an increase in greased poles, heroic drives up steps a la Rocky, and general hijinx. Stay safe, Eagles fans, and I hope Jigar finds another way to celebrate a potential Super Bowl victory instead of running into another post.

He brings up a good point!

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