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This Mets fan is getting her prom photos taken at Citi Field after getting 500K retweets

Congrats, Callie!

How much are good prom pictures worth? If you’re a Mets fan: 500,000 retweets!

That’s what high school student and Mets fan Callie just did to take her prom pictures at Citi Field!

After asking her favorite team what it would take to get prom pics taken at the field, they responded and gave her a goal: 500K retweets. That’s a ton, but Callie wasn’t fazed — within a week, she had the number ... and now, she gets to take some priceless prom pics with the Mets.

Even some players got in on the fun! Mr. Met is ready!

And Noah Syndergaard had an interesting response too.

And when it officially happened, the Mets were ready to congratulate her!

Very cool! It definitely seems like Callie is going to have an excellent prom ... unless Mr. Met decides to break out his old photobombing ways.

Imagine that in the background of your prom photos.

Anyways, congrats Callie! 500,000 retweets is no small feat, and you did it!