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LaVar Ball is going to be the head coach of LaMelo and LiAngelo’s Lithuanian team for a day

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If you haven’t coached in Lithuania you’re not a Big Baller.

It’s always nice to coach your kids in sports, and LaVar Ball isn’t ready to say goodbye to that. Thankfully BC Vytautas is willing to let him keep living that dream.

LaVar will be coaching the team on Sunday after he already had one game as an assistant coach. Reportedly during that game the style of play was “LaVar’s choice,” which resulted in a bunch of offense, almost no defense and a game that, you guessed it, was designed to make LiAngelo and LaMelo shine.

One question though: The last time LaVar coached was Jan. 23, where he wore a light blue shirt and a skinny tie.

In the photo today he’s wearing the exact same thing. Did he only bring one suit to Lithuania?