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Drew Brees’ kids fighting on the sideline was the most intense part of the Pro Bowl

This was so hilarious!

Drew Brees’ kids must have been reading your tweets about the Pro Bowl being soft and boring, because when the cameras turned to them, they decided to go off.

It was supposed to be a cute sideline interview about their dad. Baylen — Brees’ oldest son — did as was expected and talked on the mic. Meanwhile his younger brothers, Bowen and Callen, were straight up brawling on the field. It got so intense that ESPN tried to go picture-in-picture and get them out of the frame, but they would not be denied, at one point spilling onto the field.

Finally, when everything started to get back under control, Callen was still goofing around. He came back into the frame and pretended to vomit on the field — which prompted a stern talking to from dad about stepping on the field, and his behavior in general.

This was such a sweet and honest moment in a manufactured game that’s difficult to care about.