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This man filling a chicken bucket with soda at KFC is 2018’s first genius

When they tell you refills are free ...

And then a hero comes along ... with the strength to carry onnnnnnn

I love everything about this bold Kentucky Fried Chicken customer rocking up to the fountain and filling a chicken bucket with soda. When it comes to fountain drink rules it’s really the wild west. The only tacit rule of the fountain is that you don’t fill a water cup with soda, and that’s about it. Outside of that anything goes in an establishment without clear signage, so you do you, dude.

That said, the technique raises a major question: Was this a used chicken bucket he’s filling with (what appears to be) Sierra Mist, or did he ask the workers for an extra bucket and they obliged? If it’s the latter this feels a little more duplicitous, albeit still genius.

The internet agrees.

I just want to know how this dude got the soda home. For this kind of move you’ve GOT to have an accomplice. Of course he’s smarter than all of us, so I’m sure he had a plan.