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A very real investigation into Drake’s potential Steph Curry and Kevin Durant tattoos


Drake posted an Instagram wearing a LeBron James jersey on Tuesday, revealing a pair of bicep tattoos that hadn’t yet caught the attention of the media. ESPN’s Johan Buha may have been the first to spot tattoos of the numbers 30 and 35.

Are these tattoos in honor of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry?

We took a look.

Here is the photo in question:


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SB Nation’s finest investigative team (Hector Diaz, Hayley Archer, Whitney McIntosh, Morgan Moriarty, and Matt Ellentuck) was put on special assignment to validate if the tattoos indeed were inked for the Warriors stars, and we’re here to tell our story.

Our first thought was to simply zoom into the picture and try to read the words under the numbers which were clearly 30 and 35.

But it was too blurry.

So the SB Nation team obtained an Instagram warrant and raided the rapper’s images, scanning for clear left bicep images. (Stunningly, there were few in his most recent feed. He was wearing a lot of jackets because of it being “winter” and “freezing cold” or something crazy like that.)

This photo from November gave us hope as it showed some Drizzy arm, but it was still too blurry:

The search for the truth behind the 6 God ink was growing long.

But Moriarty struck gold on an August picture which gave us our biggest clue:

Smelling like 1997...

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It me, Drizzy Instagram inspector -Moriarty


Yes, that seems to read “SNIPE” underneath the No. 35.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few months, it’s the names of Durant’s many current, future, and former social media handles. Until 2016, Durant went by the name @easymoneysniper. SNIPE!

This has to be about KD!

The team is still investigating the validity of the No. 30 tattoo being a tribute to Curry but has a working theory in development.

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