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Spitfire the whippet can jump 31 FEET and is the world’s most athletic dog

Whoa ...

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Spitfire the whippet is a champion, and you’re not even going to believe what this pup can do. We’ll start with the big one, a 31-foot long jump that set the world record for the longest jump by a pupper.

But that’s not all folks — far from it. Spitfire hods not just one record, but ALL THE RECORDS!

The speed retrieving record.

Look at this 8-FOOT vertical.

In an interview with Outside Online earlier this year, Spitfire’s trainer Kristi Baird explained what makes a legendary dog different from a regular dog.

“Any dog can do this,” Baird said. What makes the great ones, though? “Dogs that have drive. Dogs that love to chase things. And dogs that love the water — I mean, can’t stay out of mud puddles.”

The drive an determination of a champion. It turns out that amazing dog athletes and human athletes aren’t so different. Also, remake an Olympic Air Bud with this pup please.