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MLB is embracing fun in its postseason ad, and everyone loves it

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Biggest plot twist of the sports year?

MLB released its first ad for the postseason on Tuesday, and honestly we can’t believe they did this.

Bat flips? Shirt-ripping? BEEF?! What is the world coming to!? You could have pulled me aside yesterday and told me this was going to be MLB’s postseason commercial, and I never would have believed it. I mean, not only did they go all-in on embracing the parts of baseball that some fans detest, but they also picked a fire Migo’s song for the postseason.

I can’t even.

I asked baseball rules expert (and SB baseball writer) Grant Brisbee for his take on the commercial:

“Baseball can only be played with a long, heavy stick, but that doesn’t mean it should be kept up MLB’s butt at all times. Embracing excitement and passion seems like a good thing.”

And most fans seemed happy.

Well done.