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Angry soccer fan throws cabbage at manager

Slaw and Order.

Aston Villa fans are mad. Really mad. Cabbage-throwing mad.

Villa fans are fuming after their team keeps dropping points in The Championship after there was early promise the team could put themselves back in place for promotion to the Premier League. The team has now earned just eight points in their last nine games, including draws with woeful teams like Preston, Reading and Ipswich Town.

Now fans are fuming at manager Steve Bruce and throwing cabbages in the process. Okay, so nobody here is advocating that anything should be thrown at players or team officials over a sporting event. That said, you’ve got to give at least a little bit of credit for someone sneaking a cabbage into the park just to hurl it. It’s so much more creative than a bottle or garbage.

There’s forethought in a cabbage. An expectation that the team is going to suck, planning to get it through security. Also I’m astonished this cabbage didn’t get obliterated when it was thrown from the stands onto the pitch.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever snuck into a stadium?

UPDATE: Steve Bruce has been fired following the cabbage incident.